Mission & Vision

Next Gen Corp is a company that operates in the health sector since 2012. Our solutions come from our research and development laboratory to offer new innovative medical gadget and mobile apps that solve patients and doctors problems.

Those day access to technology in the health sector is limited to the wealthy people, Next Gen break these barriers by making the technology accessible to the general public with a policy "low cost".

In the time that companies are seeking new solutions to existing problems, Next Gen seeks to discover new problems and then offer the best solution.


Moez lachneb
CEO & CO Founder
Ahmed nabli
CO Founder & CTO
Abd El Aziz Trabelsi
Mobile Developer
Mohamed Aymen Hammami
Full Stack Web Developer
Soumaya Tlili
Technical Sales Manager
Faten Manai
Sales Manager

Our Projects


The Platefrome "eHealth" is a hardware and software solution for monitoring and acquisition of patient physiological signals. It archives them in real time by sending them to a remote server or that the doctor can view the near distance.

The platform includes:

monitoring via an IP camera
Virtual consultation and dignostic
Planning and distribution of drugs
Monitoring of vital signs
Weight monitoring

Project status

Functional prototype phase of beta testing.


WINNER of the second place at the German-Arab Startup Competition (GASC 2014):

SAMED is product that allows the direct examination of a patient in real time. It is a tool used by the physician, surgeon and laboratory services to access the physiological information through a server whose access is authorized by a computerized personal code. This system stores all the information for a patient during his life.

Also SAMED is the Winner of 2014 Tunisia National Innovation Competition


SoCary is a noninvasive glucometer. The project idea is that diabetics must monitor their blood sugar levels at all times to detect crises hypo- and hyperglycemia and take necessary measures (insulin injection, intake of sugar ...).

This approach is time consuming and very costly for them to social security. Indeed, some patients should take a measurement 6 or 7 times per day. Therefore, our research is directed towards continuous noninvasive glucometer "Glucontrol" that would allow a better optimum glycemic control, without pain to the patient and with less cost. This Glucose Monitor offers in addition to the measurement, real-time monitoring and anticipates hypo or hyper glycemia of crises specifying the dose of sugar to be taken in the first case (hypo- glycemia), and the number of units of insulin injecting into the second (hyper glycemia).

The Glucontrol has a value add on the large market of self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) with technology of noninvasive optical acquisition on which our product which enables continuous glucose monitoring to help people diabetes has lead to better glycemic control easy, painless and inexpensive, in consideration of the product failure can cause financial loss and risk of damage to the company's brand image in the market. Indeed, despite the growth in sales figures ASG products, companies are now facing falling prices and slower growth of the dollar. It will be extremely difficult for new entrants to provide a share of the existing competitors market without a truly innovative technology.

Project status

Prototype development.